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Our Clients

Our Clients can rely on our professional service, we build closely friendly and working relationships so that we can fully understand our clients requirements, and provide them with the right candidates at your request.

We ensure that selections of candidates are well prepared for any difficults task within the Hospitality department on and before they get hired with your company. At ISAS LC we strongly believe its our responsibility to make the recruitment process as smooth and profesional for both our Clients and Seafarers candidates.

Therefore we deliver the right information to our selected seafarers during their interviews and selection for hiring by Cruise lines companies. We are not like other agencies that promote a well paid job and lots of onboard funs, and big adventurous and paradise like-working environments onboard cruise ships, we are cautious and very seriously aimed to provide the right informations to those who are applying for a shipboard job.


Our Staff

International Seamen Agency Service Lc. policy not to discriminate against any employee or Seafarers for placement service, due to race, color, religion, sex oriented, nationality, age, and disability or veteran status. We are in constant recruiting of candidates for Hospitality, Deck and Engine department for Cruise, ferries and cargoes lines companies. To apply is easy, selection of candidates depen on our clients job offers in positions commensurate with seafarers shipboard experiences.

All jobs on cruise, ferries, and cargoes ships enable seafarers to travel the world, Cruise ships and Ferries ships are basically floating hotels. Many job vacancies are similar to onshore Five Star Hotels resorts. contracts period vary from 6 to 8 months onbaord and 2 to 3 months on vacations for Hotel Stafss. Many cruise ships clients can be demanding to work extra hours onboar theirs vessel, with newly Maritime Labor Conventions which is known as "Seamen Bill of Rights" working hours has reduced to it normallya as requires the MLC-2006. Seafarers needs at least to speak 80 - 100% English, as this languages has become international standard.

Be aware of the Internet based websites offering cruise ships jobs, that may not always turn out to be a Scam, paying attention to issues like upfront payment for placements services are not accepted. Payment of registration fees are other sort of scam job service, Fees for getting seafarers personal maritimes documents and or having a third party get you a visa, is not accepted. Seafarers encountered similar issues like these should thoroughly make additional reserch for these hiring companies. Dont be taken for granted.


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