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Our Clients can rely on our Professional Service, We build closely friendly and working relationship so that we can fully understand your business, and provide you with the right candidates at your request.

We ensure that Selection of candidates are well prepared for any difficult shipboard task within the Hotel department on and before they get hired with your company. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to make the recruitment process as smooth and professional as possible for both our Clients and Seafarers.

Therefore we deliver the right imformation to our selected sefarers during their interviews and Selection to be hired by Cruise lines companies. We are not like others websites, that promote a well paid job, and lot´s of onboard fun, and big adventurous and paradise like-working environment onboard Cruise & Ferrie Ships, we are very cautious and seriuos of providing the crews the right informations who are applying for a job with your company.

Teamwork, and fast process and knowledges sharing is what make us different from other Manning agency, through years of experiences. 


ISAS Cia. Ltda. policy not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, and marital or veteran status. We are Constantly recruiting talented hospitality professionals who wish to further their careers on Cruise & Ferries Ships. To apply, is easy, selection of candidates depend on clients job offers, the position that is commensurate with your experience and background:

Job on a cruise ship also enables you to travel around the world. Cruise ships are basically floating hotels. So job vacancies are similar to a big 5 star Hotel resorts. on renewable 6 to 8 month contracts for Hotel Staffs. Cruise ship clients can be demanding and you will need to be 100% committed to providing total passenger satisfaction.

What you really need to be careful of, are all the scams on the internet based on you paying a registration fee for a list of cruise ship jobs, or even a ‘guaranteed job on a cruise ship’ or Training fees, and or Certificates fee. More often than not these are bogus and you should thoroughly research the company before you use them; certainly before you part with any cash! Common advice is never top part with money in order to apply for a job whatever you do.

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